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Wedding cake pricing guide

Wedding cake pricing can vary depending on what you’re looking for from your cake. Love from Luisa wedding cakes use the highest quality ingredients that are local and organic wherever possible. High quality ingredients sourced locally from small batch suppliers ensure high animal welfare standards and sustainable practices.

Where ingredients aren’t sourced locally in Brighton, East Sussex and surrounding areas we consciously source ingredients from fair trade, or equivalent, suppliers and support initiatives that work to manage their environmental impact. We offset carbon emissions for our deliveries. All this means that your cake may cost little more to make but costs the earth a lot less.

Our wedding cake pricing & quotation process

Upon enquiry I can generate an informal quote based on some basic information such as the number of guests and any design ideas you have. Once we have an initial phone call or email consultation I can give you a full quote based on your requirements.

My wedding cakes are priced around £6.50 per portion for coffee serves with optional additional extras an embellishments including, but not limited to, those listed below.

These are guideline prices and I will generate a detailed quote once we finalise your design.

Wedding cake pricing guide at £6 per serving:

One Tier

Mini Wedding Cake
from £160 serves 24

Two Tier

Modest Wedding Cake
from £360 serves 60

Three Tier

Statement Wedding Cake
from £564 serves 94 

Extras and embellishments – please see our wedding cake lookbook for inspiration on customisable designs. 

Extras & Embellishments

Extras and embellishments are guide prices only and are priced per tier. Buttercream painted artwork will be priced on request.

Seasonal Florals in bunches or twist design£30 per tier
Seasonal edible flowers£20 per tier
Buttercream palette painting£20 per tier
Buttercream stencil art£20 per tier
Water colour buttercream (watercolour style buttercream art in ombre or abstract)£20 per tier
Custom cake topper* (cake topper or side topper with your message)from £30
Gold accents (gold paint flecks)£10 per tier
Gold leaf (each large leaf) average 4-8 leaves per tier£5 each sheet
Signature hand painted fruit petals£45 per tier
Chocolate drips£15 per tier
Gold painted chocolate drips£30 per tier
Buttercream painted artwork (custom quote on enquiry) from price =£50 per tier
*made from recyclable material

I have written a helpful guide for deciding your wedding cake budget. Once you have a budget in mind I will work with you to design the best wedding cake for your big day.

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