Age is but a Number Cake

Number Cake – Milestone Birthday Cakes

Do you have a Milestone Birthday and want a fun and elegant Number Cake? Perfect for that significant anniversary such as a 1st birthday, 3rd, 10th, 30th, 40th or 50th birthday.

Single digit number cake: 1st birthday – 9th birthday: £65 (Free From Ingredients +£10)

Double-digit number cake: 10th birthday – 99th birthday: £120 (Free From Ingredients +£15)

Single-digit number cakes serve roughly 12 people

Double-digit Number Cakes serve roughly 24 people

More servings can be added with sheet cake portions priced at £4.20 per serving.

Fruits and Flowers

Fruit Petals and Berries

70th Birthday Number Cake

How to order a Number Cake:

Choose your number(s): Single or double-digit.

Pick your flavour: Choosing from double chocolate, chocolate and caramel, vanilla or lemon.

Pick your design: Number cakes can be finished with fruits and flowers or with our signature dehydrated, hand-painted fruit petals and berries. You can add macarons, wafer paper butterflies or extra tall gold candles.

You will get a confirmation email shortly after we receive your order. We will then send a request for payment, after confirming the details. Once payment is made your booking is confirmed.

Level up your birthday game as you add another year to your life with our incredible Milestone Birthday Number Cakes.

Our number cakes aren’t just numbers; they’re a work of art. Each one is adorned with a delightful assortment of hand-crafted treats, from delicate macarons to fresh, seasonal fruits. Your number cake will steal the spotlight at your celebration!

We take freshness seriously. Our toppings are made with locally sourced, fresh produce to ensure the highest quality and the most mouthwatering flavours. And that’s not all – inside, you’ll discover a light, spongy masterpiece. Layers of velvety buttercream are expertly piped between each layer. It’s the perfect way to celebrate a milestone birthday.

And as if the decision isn’t tough enough, you get to choose between two incredible flavours: rich double chocolate, chocolate and caramel, classic vanilla and lemon. Did we mention you can also order a version free from eggs, dairy, and gluten? We believe everyone should have the chance to savour a slice of birthday bliss! However please bear in mind that all our cakes are made in a kitchen that uses dairy and gluten and macarons are made using ground almonds.

So, why wait? Make your special occasion more special with our show-stopping number cakes.

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