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Sustainable Wedding Cakes in Sussex

We make Sustainable Wedding Cakes in Sussex

I make beautiful, bespoke, one-of-a-kind sustainable wedding cakes in Sussex. My wedding cakes are made using sustainable practices, organic ingredients and zero-waste operations wherever possible so that we can create the most personal and beautiful cake for your wedding without having a huge impact on the environment.

Sustainable Wedding Cakes in Sussex A Four Tier wedding cake with flowers and chocolate drips
Sustainable Wedding Cakes in Sussex My Signature Fruit Petal Wedding Cake

What is a sustainably made wedding cake?

A sustainable wedding cake is more than just using free-range eggs, organic flour and ingredients sourced in Sussex or as locally as possible. To truly embrace sustainability it is important to look at all aspects of a business. From the ways, we can reduce our impact on the planet via responsibly sourced raw materials, production methods and delivery, to increasing our positive impact by giving back to the local community.

Beautiful wedding cakes made sustainably in Sussex

Most importantly I make my cakes sustainably without compromising on style, elegance or flavour. I offer beautifully designed and delicious wedding cakes that are also made sustainably. So you can have it all!

Sustainable Wedding Cakes in Sussex. Luisa making a three tier wedding cake with flowers - Wedding Cake Designer

We can’t thank Luisa enough for making our wedding so special with such an iconic cake. We still have people mention it to this day!! It was a work of art and tasted absolutely incredible, and as you can imagine it didn’t last long and was finished before the party was over!! We wholeheartedly recommend “Love From Luisa”!

Gary Roberts – Google Review

How do we make sustainable wedding cakes in Sussex?

Step 1: Sourcing ingredients responsibly

The first step to creating a sustainable wedding cake is sourcing ingredients responsibly. This includes using high-quality, ethically sourced ingredients that are organic and grown in East Sussex or the surrounding area wherever possible. It also includes reducing and re-using packaging wherever possible sourcing products and raw materials that are biodegradable and/or recyclable.

Fruit Petal Wedding Cake made with organic ingredients

Wedding Cakes With Less Waste

My signature fruit petal wedding cake has 100% edible ingredients that are made from natural fruits and berries. This is less wasteful than using fresh flowers or other decorations that are usually removed before serving.

However, if you do have a design in mind that uses florals or other non-edible features I am more than happy to advise on the most sustainable way to source these. We can for example use seasonal flowers that are sourced locally or even dried blooms.

Cake toppers are sourced from recyclable materials and kept as a keepsake after the event.

Step 2: Minimising Waste

The second step is an organised operating process that minimises waste. We use carefully designed recipes that give the exact amount of batter, filling and delicious covering for each cake. This reduces waste significantly. We then compost food waste and use cleaning products that are ecological and do less harm to the environment.


I hand deliver my wedding cakes, directly to the venue in protective, cake-safe packaging that is reusable.

Minimising Food Waste: Portion Guides

I offer detailed advice about the amount of servings required for each wedding cake, depending on your preference. I provide a detailed cutting guide with all wedding cake deliveries so that the correct amount of servings can be cut from the cake. If there is any cake leftover then I also include a cake storage and leftover cake guide. As my cakes are all baked freshly for each event any leftover cake will last for up to 3 days after the wedding and can be frozen for up to 2 months provided it is properly wrapped and packaged.

Luisa made us THE BEST Wedding cake. It was absolutely – exactly what we were after – beautifully decorated and the raspberry and white chocolate was so delicious!! We had lots of compliments on how great it was and there wasn’t a piece left! Thank you!!

Steph Swan – Google Review

Step 3: Reducing emissions

The final step is reducing carbon emissions through an operating process that minimises travel and driving. This can be as simple as being organised ahead of time so that all materials and ingredients are sourced and purchased in bulk reducing the number of trips to the shops in a van or car. I plan all delivery routes thoroughly so that they are the most efficient. We also offset our carbon emissions by donating to rewinding projects that aim to counteract some of the damage done by carbon emissions from our operating systems and deliveries.

Step 4: Increasing our positive impact

Sustainability is more than just reducing our impact by sourcing ethical raw ingredients and reducing emissions. It is also about increasing our positive impact. I do this by supporting charities and giving back to the local and wider community in several ways. By donating ingredients and bakes to local food charities such as Gardener Cafe run by the Real Junk Food Project, a zero-waste food initiative in Brighton. And volunteering at local charity Bramber Bakehouse supporting women who’ve experienced abuse, exploitation or displacement by aiding them with baking and life skills.

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