A Guide To Cake sizes and servings

A Cake size and serving guide

Lets Celebrate! With cake

Guide prices for celebration cakes below…

Below are my celebration cake sizes and servings guide with prices, showing portions for coffee serves.

You will find a helpful cake ‘size and serving guide’ to choose what size and type of cake you require for your event.

Different events traditionally have different requirements in serving sizes. Traditionally you would serve coffee portions for weddings and dessert serves for parties. Dessert serves are a substantial portion served as a pudding or dessert whereas coffee serves are finger portions served as a delicate treat with coffee after dessert has been served.

But who says you have to stick with tradition? You can serve your wedding cake as dessert and go with larger portions. So whether you are sticking to convention or blazing a trail it may affect the size of your celebration cake or wedding cake.

My wedding cakes are made bespoke and have opulent premium flavours so are priced accordingly. Please see our wedding cake section or fill out the enquiry form for wedding cakes below and I will get back to you with my availability promptly.

What size and type of cake do I require?

There are a few things to consider when deciding a cake size for any event. Before ordering your wedding cake or celebration cake have a look at the following considerations:

  • What event are you planning? This will usually determine portion sizes e.g. birthdays usually serve ‘party portions’ or ‘dessert portions’ but weddings usually serve ‘coffee portions’.
  • How many guests will my cake be serving at my wedding party or birthday party?
  • Am I serving other treats or desserts at my event?
  • Will my wedding cake be served as dessert or is the cake more for the cutting ceremony?
  • Will my birthday cake be served as a dessert?
  • What is the adult vs. child ratio?
  • Adults and elders tend to have less of a sweet tooth but children & adolescents generally want larger slices or more helpings.
  • Who will be cutting the cake?
  • The venue’s kitchen staff will almost always provide the perfect size and number of serves. A family member or friend, on the other hand, may not know proper cake cutting methods or portion sizes. This can affect how many portions you get from a cake.
  • Would you like some cake left over for later?

Cake Sizes

Our celebration cakes and wedding cake tiers come in two heights: original and extra tall.

Extra tall cakes are a double barrel cake which is two standard layer sponges stacked with a cake board and dowels for support. These layers make one tall and elegant cake. Please get in touch for extra tall cake prices. As a guide they increase the price by about 40% but give around 70% more servings.

If you make an enquiry about a specific design I can send you an extensive list of all the cake sizing options available including dessert and coffee serves, double barrel cake serves & prices, and square cake serves & price guides.

The following prices are for a semi-naked cake with simple decoration with our celebration cake flavour menu options. The more elaborate decoration is reflected in the final price quoted and represents the amount of time and materials used to create your cake. You can find a guide to our charges for extras and embellishments on our celebration and birthday cake price guide page.

If you require a bespoke quote for a wedding cake you can start an enquiry here.

A Guide to coffee serves

One Tier Cakes

14 servings
from £75

20 servings
from £95 

25 servings
from £115

30 servings
from £135

Two Tier Cakes

8” & 6”
36 servings
from £160

10” & 6”
48 servings
from £220

10” & 8”
62 servings
from £280

12” & 8”
80 servings
from £360

Three Tier Cakes

8”, 6” & 4”
45 servings
from £230

10”, 8” & 6”
72 servings
from £350

12”, 10” & 6”
104 servings
from £490

12”, 10” & 8”
118 servings
from £550

Four Tier Cakes

12”, 10”, 8” & 6”
128 servings
from £770

*Prices exclude delivery

A Cake Cutting Guide

Here is a helpful guide to show the difference in serves for a standard 6 inch cake. The way the cake is cut determines the portions yielded. For weddings and events your caterer will be familiar with the correct cutting guide and will ensure the correct number of serves are produced.

Cake cutting guide showing a cutting template for a 6 inch cake

BouCakes From £65

Signature styled BouCakes serve 10 dessert portions and are from £65 for signature designs in Seasonal colours

Cake size and serving guide for a birthday cake. Two tier cake with a fruit petal twist and a matching vegan cake for dietary requirements

Dietary Requirement? We can cater for you

Start a Celebration cake enquiry (you can enter your dietary requirements in the form field when you enquire)…

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…If you are still unsure after seeing the Cake size and serving guide.

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