Wedding Cake Display Ideas

Wedding Cake Display Ideas

Wedding Cake Display Ideas

Wedding Cake Display Ideas

Styling Your Wedding cake

The Cake cutting ceremony:

The cake-cutting ceremony is one of the most important ceremonial aspects of the big day. It usually signifies the shift from daytime activities to the evening of dancing and fun. And is quite often the only ceremonial procedure that the evening guests get to enjoy. I can help you think about wedding cake display ideas so that you get the most amazign photos of the cake cutting, creating those special memories of the big day.

Wedding Cake display ideas - Firle Place Wedding

Whether it is a cake stand, beautiful linens or thoughtful, personalised signage there are lots of options for styling the cake display. Even a small amount of thought and consideration and some small, budget-friendly additions can make a huge difference to the cake display. From the positioning of the cake in the room to adding flower arches and elaborate backdrops. There are lots of creative ways to make your wedding cake stand out with some simple, but thoughtful, styling ideas for the wedding cake display.

You will also find details on the cake stand that I can hire for your wedding or event and my hire terms.

You have chosen your personal, bespoke wedding cake design, settled on the flavours and arranged all of the delivery and set-up logistics. The final thing to think about is the display. I go over lots of different cake display ideas to suit every taste and budget below:

Wedding cake cutting. A couple cutting their cake display made with flowers

Cutting The Cake

One of my beautiful couples cutting their wedding cake.

They added a stunning floral arrangement at the base of the cake stand that matched the bridal bouquet and flowers for the venue.

Even a small amount of thought and consideration into where the cake will be situated and some small, budget friendly additions can make a huge difference to the cake display.

Styling your wedding cake display:

I am always happy to discuss the styling of the cake display with my couples, your wedding planner or your venue. When I deliver the cake, I will add any pre-agreed-upon details to the display. This may be a cake stand, floral arrangement or working with linens or props provided by my couples or a prop hire company. However you decide to style the cake display, whether it is a simple tablecloth or an elaborate backdrop, it is important to have an idea in mind about the creative styling of the cake display before the big day.

The most important considerations for your wedding cake display are:


There are both practical and aesthetic considerations when deciding where to position the cake display. The main things to keep in mind are:

Wedding Cake cutting guide. Cake size and serving guide.

Look Behind You!

What is in the background? Neutral bakgrounds are a failsafe but colourful prints can add interest and colour.

1. Is the cake displayed in an area that is visible from all areas of the room? You may wish to position the cake near the top table or even in the centre of the room or by a window for the best, natural, lighting.

2. Is the cake out of direct heat or sunlight? It is important to consider the practicalities of the location. Your cake shouldn’t be in direct sunlight or placed near any heat sources such as fires or radiators.

3. The cake-cutting ceremony is a great photo opportunity so, it is worth considering the following regarding the cake display;

  • Are there any unsightly signs or objects in a shot that will detract from the beautiful photographs taken? You don’t want to receive the cake-cutting photos only to realise that there is a huge fire extinguisher or exit sign in the background! And is the cake easily accessible for the cake-cutting ceremony?
  • Can the couple access the cake with enough room for the photographer to take photographs?
Same sex wedding cake with rainbow inside

Making Memories

Charlie & Joe had their cake positioned on the dance floor for their cake-cutting ceremony in the evening. With the beautiful backdrop of Cowdray House and their personalised initials in lights, it was the perfect backdrop. The photos reflect their personalities; glamorous, classy and above all fun!

Cake Table:

Do I have a cake table or plinth for the cake? You probably want the cake to be displayed on it’s own cake table. Having the cake on its own table can be a feature of the display itself. It also keeps the cake away from crowds or other foodstuffs to avoid cross-contamination. And it means that, when it comes to the cake cutting, the cake is ready and waiting for the couple to cut and there is little rushed reorganisation.

Cake cutting photo

Meaningful Moments

Jack & Siala added a few simple florals and candles to the cake table. A simple way to draw attention to the display.

Size matters:

Is the cake table the correct size for the cake? You don’t want a small two-tier wedding cake to be displayed on a sweeping, grand table with no other decorative items as it will look out of place. The cake table should be of a suitable size for the cake and, preferably taller than standard, to elevate the cake and make it stand out.

Wedding cake display idea for a Turkish bath house wedding. Cake Table and mirror.

Simple Cake Table

This cake was displayed simply on a table that matched the beautiful Moroccan bathhouse where the wedding was held.

The simple display, with the ornate mirror, meant that the cake could be seen as soon as the guests walked into the room and enjoyed it from all angles before the cake-cutting ceremony.

Tablecloth or linens:

Does the venue provide a tablecloth for the cake table or is the table aesthetically pleasing enough without one? Nearly all venues will provide white linen and tablecloths for the event. However, I recommend adding additional materials that can add a pop of colour or tie into your theme. You may even wish to provide something with sentimental meaning or a little different to match the overall theme. I am happy to style the display with any linens provided when delivering the cake.

Four Tier Wedding Cake. Bronze wedding cake display ideas with gold picture frame

Materials Add Softness & Contrast

This Four Tier Fondant Wedding Cake with touches of bronze metallics was displayed with a neutral linen tablecloth adding softness and contrast to the strong metallic details.

The addition of the picture frame and rust-coloured backdrop also complements the cake perfectly for a high-end but rustic feel.

Photo Credit: Sarah Carmody Photography

Cake Stand:

Firstly, whether or not you require a cake stand will be down to your personal preference and the overall style of your wedding. Maybe you prefer to display the cake with a simple tablecloth and a few meaningful items such as candles and a topper. Or you may wish to go for a more rustic log stand. However, cake stands are the easiest way to add height and drama to the cake display.

Three tier vegan wedding cake. Simple wedding cake display ideas with vintage cake stand and white table cloth

Vintage Elegance

Some wedding cakes, especially more paired-back designs, need nothing more than a simple tablecloth and cake stand.

This simple and classy wedding cake is displayed with a classic white tablecloth with a vintage stand, provided by the couple, complimenting the vintage elegance of the venue.

Venue: Pelham House, Lewes

The understated style is pure sophistication.

Sourcing a cake stand

It is worth asking if the venue supplies a cake stand. This is often the simplest and most cost-effective way of sourcing a cake stand for your wedding cake display. If the venue does provide a cake stand then there are a few things to consider. For example; what style is the cake stand they provide? Is it the correct size for the cake(s)? And will it make the cake stand out? Is the stand of a style and quality as to make the cake display work? If not I suggest a few options:

1. Ask friends and family if they have a stand you can borrow for the day.

2. If you are using an events hire company for tables, chairs and crockery they may have a selection of stands to choose from.

3. Use a prop hire company that will have a wide selection of blocks, stands, tables and barrels to display the cake beautifully.

4. I hire a small selection of beautiful Milk Glass cake stands in white, black and clear. I can also make a dramatic floral arrangement with the wire basket stand as shown below.

If you are already using a hire company or can borrow from friends and family then I suggest exploring these options first as I require that all stands are returned to me within 5 days of the wedding/delivery date. This is because the stand may be required for another couple the following weekend.

Stands that I can personally provide

I offer a limited selection of Milk Glass cake stands for hire. These are detailed below:

Details of Cake Stand Hire

I charge an admin fee of £25 to hire cake stands with an £80 refundable deposit. The admin fee is charged for the time to organise logistics for the hire and return of the stand. The refundable deposit is used to replace the cake stand if it is damaged or not returned in time. Deposits are returned once the cake stand has been received back at my cake studio, either by courier or in person, within 5 days of the delivery day.

*The stand must be returned in the original protective packaging as this ensures that it can be hired out in future and be returned safely. If the stand is returned late, damaged or without the original packaging then the refund is void and in this instance, the deposit will be used to purchase a new cake stand.

Wedding cake display at Wickerwood Farm. Three tier fondant wedding cake

White Pedestal Cake Stand

Simple white milk glass cake stand:

A simple cake stand adds elevation and impact to any cake display.

Available in two sizes; 10-inch and 12-inch base. Making it suitable for both smaller, single tier and 2 tier cakes and larger cakes with three tiers or above.

Black milk glass cake stand for hire

Black Pedestal Cake Stand

Classic Black Milk Glass Cake Stand:

This stand works well with darker cakes for a more modern and alternative feel.

Clear glass cake stand for hire

Clear Pedestal Cake Stand

Clear Milk Glass Cake Stand:

The clear glass cake stand adds height without detracting from the overall display.

With a 12-inch base, it is suitable for larger cakes with three tiers or above.

Wire basket cake display with flowers

Stand Out Floral Design

Floral Basket Stand:

A wire basket can be used for displaying flowers at the base of the cake.

Floral arrangement for the bottom of a wedding cake display

More Cake Stand Ideas:

Below are some stands that have been provided by clients, prop sellers or the venue themselves. There is an extensive array of wedding cake display ideas from minimal embellishments to all-out opulence; only your imagination and budget can set the limits. Below you will see some beautiful dessert table displays and scroll down to the bottom for a list of prop suppliers with a range of display items for hire.

Rustic wooden block cake stand

Wooden block for wedding cake

Rustic Charm

A rustic wooden log always adds charm to a classic wedding cake. This fits with most cake designs but lends itself especially well to cakes with a woodland or botanical theme.

Available to hire from The Toast – Log stands

Vintage Style

This classic vintage-style cake stand is most common at high-end wedding venues and makes most cake styles stand out.

More modern designs can, however, look out of place on a silver plinth so it is worth checking with the venue that they have a stand that will go with your cake display ahead of time.

Venue and Stand: Pelham House Weddings – Lewes

Those little extras…

Wedding Cake display with doughnut wall and personalised box

Dessert Display

Why not collaborate with other suppliers and add a doughnut wall? Or ask me about dessert menu items I can provide.

This beautiful personalised wine crate stand was provided by the couple.


Neon signage for a cake display

Neon Signage

You could even go all out and have a neon sign behind the cake display.

The incredible people at Signature Moments and Sundown Sounds have a range of neon signs for hire in Sussex.

Cara and Jade Cutting their Three tier wedding cake

Custom Signage

Thoughtful and personalised signage can add a unique touch to the cake display.

You can find cake table signage on Etsy and from local Sussex, wedding hire companies such as To Have and To Hire.

Cake Topper:

Cake topper

Personalised Cake Toppers

Card cake toppers can be sourced from my local supplier Papel Cuts or I can order you an acrylic topper that can be kept as a keepsake or recycled after your event.

Personalised cake toppers can be added as part of your wedding cake package.

Cake Knife:

Cake Cutting Essentials

You will need a cake knife to cut your cake. Most venues will provide a basic knife for cake cutting but you may wish to have utensils that fit the overall theme.

Some people choose to go all out with engraved cake cutlery and Meghan and Harry Famously cut their wedding cake with a sword!

Dessert Table Styling

We offer bespoke dessert tables with an array of extra sweet items. From luxurious chocolate truffles and brownies to exotic baklava and delicate citrus friands we can devise an opulent menu to serve your guests.

Your dessert table can be adorned with cake stands, pedestals and florals provided by a prop supplier, your venue or a florist for a show-stopping display that will blow your guests away.

Dessert Table Styling

Florals and mismatched stands can make for a beautiful wedding cake display.

Dessert tables can be styled with stands, linens and even blocks and books to elevate the display. You could add florals, vases and other items to make the whole table inviting and opulent. Your guests will want to admire, and then dive straight in to enjoy the delicacies.

Thinking of displaying your wedding cake outside?

An out-of-door cake display can be a wonderful way to make the most of natural light and a gorgeous verdant backdrop. However, especially with buttercream cakes, in the Summer months, you will have to consider the temperature. This may mean that the cake is stored inside until just before the cake is cut. As a general rule of thumb, if the temperature exceeds about 10 degrees Celsius the cake should be kept in a cool room. And always away from direct sunlight.

Displaying a wedding cake outdoors. Fruit wedding cake

Outdoor Cake Display

Displaying your cake outside… A warning!

The cake would also need to be covered if it is to be kept outside extensively. This is to keep away any pests that may be attracted by sugar. Because it’s not only people who love cake!

Suppliers that can help with hired items that bring to life all your Wedding Cake Display Ideas:

The ToastLog stands and tea chests for a unique and rustic cake display

Wickerwood Farm – Jude has the most amazing boutique hire items including vintage sofas, Zebra print chairs, cake tables and so much more.

Signature Moments and Sundown Sounds – Neon signs for hire in Sussex.

Tony Dunn Flowers – For amazing floral design in Sussex

Etsy – Cake table signage

Prop Options – Cake separators and spacers

Dress it Yourself – Cake Plinths

Don’t forget to ask your venue what they can supply as part of their wedding package. I do, however, suggest personalising the cake display in some way as even a piece of linen or some candles can make the whole display pop.

Photo Credit: Sarah Carmody Photography

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