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Wedding Cake Tasting Box

Wedding Cake Taster Boxes

The Most Important Part Is The Taste

Although a wedding cake that reflects your individual style as a couple is crucial, we also know that the most important part of your wedding cake is the taste. For this reason, we offer wedding cake taster boxes for you to sample 6 of our delicious flavours. We send tasting boxes in the post with special next-day delivery, for you to try in the comfort of your own home. We make wedding cake taster boxes on specific dates throughout the year. Usually during the off-peak season; November – May. See below for our next scheduled tasting and how to book.

How it works:

Wedding cake-tasting boxes consist of 6 of my signature premium flavours. You can select these from my Wedding Cake menus which you can view here.

Please select a date from the scheduled tasting (below). Luisa will email you with our availability and confirm your flavour choices. Once we have the details confirmed your samples will be posted via special next-day delivery for the date specified below. The samples come in individual taster pots ready for you to try at your leisure, in your own home.

Samples are sent using Royal Mail tracked delivery and we will send out your tracking number once the cakes are posted out to you.
Home address/address you would like to receive the samples to. We respect your privacy and will never share personal information.

Price & Payment:

The cost of the cake-tasting box is £30 (+ packaging delivery £15). This is added to the final invoice if you have already booked your date in with me.

There are 2 options for paying for the wedding cake sample box:

1. Secure a date with me based on your personal design and tailored quote. This is done by paying a £100 ‘save the date’ deposit to block out a date for your wedding cake booking. The amount for the tasting box is then added to the final invoice. The final payment is due 6 weeks before the delivery of your cake.

2. Purchase a cake sample box to try the flavours before booking in (and securing the date) with me. For couples who prefer to book a cake-tasting box before securing the date, an invoice can be generated for the amount due.

Wedding cake taster pots

Sample Pots:

Wedding cake samples are layered in little recyclable pots. This ensures that your cake arrives to you in perfect condition ready for tasting.

Wedding Cake Sample Box by post:

Cake sample boxes are sent by special next-day delivery. Luisa will email you a tracking number for your order. I usually post the samples on a Thursday so that they arrive by 1 p.m. on Friday. This way they can be enjoyed over the weekend with a cup of tea or glass of bubbly.

wedding cake tasting box

Caring for your wedding cake taster box:

You will receive your wedding cake sample box via post. If you will not be tasting the cakes straight away then I recommend that you pop them in the fridge until 45 minutes before they will be served. This ensures that the cake pots come to room temperature and that all of the flavours will come through as intended.

Your wedding cake samples should be tried within 2 days of receiving them to ensure that they are tasted at their freshest.

You will be provided with a cake sample note card for you to make notes on your favourite flavours, ready to give feedback to me when you have tried all the flavours.


Q: How many cake flavours can I choose for my wedding cake?

A: You can have as many cake flavours as you have tiers for your cake. However, I usually recommend that if, for example, you have a three-tier cake then you choose two flavours. One for the larger, bottom tier and one for the smaller, top two tiers. This way you have roughly a 50/50 distribution, making it easier for your guests to choose equally between flavours. But this is, of course, totally up to you. I do not charge more for having more than one (or two) flavours.

Q: Do I need to purchase a wedding cake taster box in order to book my wedding cake with you?

A: Not at all. Not everyone chooses to book a cake tasting for their wedding cake. Some people prefer a more simple, streamlined ordering process and this is totally fine. You can simply choose your favourite flavour(s) from my wedding cake menu.

Q: Can I secure the date, get all the details of my cake settled and then choose the cake flavour, after receiving a cake-tasting box?

A: Absolutely. You can secure your wedding date with me so that you can rest assured that I have blocked out your date in my diary for your wedding cake. Then we can add the cake flavours to your order form once you have tried them and made your choices.

I can get booked up pretty quickly in the Summer months. Therefore, because I cannot hold a date open until a £150 security deposit has been made, I do encourage couples to enquire about a quote and get a design settled first. This way, if you’re happy with the quote and services I provide, we can go ahead and get you booked. The cake flavours (and any other missing details) can be updated as we begin to finalise your wedding cake order. And once you have received the wedding cake-tasting box by post.

Q: Is it safe to send wedding cake samples in the post? Can you keep cake out of the fridge for that long?

A: It is perfectly safe to send cakes via Royal Mail post. We send our cakes using Royal Mail Guaranteed delivery by 1 pm the next day. We usually post them on a Thursday so that the samples will be with you by 1 p.m. on Friday. This way you can ready to be enjoy them throughout the weekend. Wedding cake tasters are carefully packaged and they will happily keep for up to 48 hours out of the fridge, without any concerns about temperature or freshness. We just ask that you try your cakes within 2 days of receiving them. And ideally by Sunday evening, so that you are tasting them at their freshest.

Q: Do I need to be planning a wedding to book a wedding cake taster box from you?

A: Not at all! Wedding cake-tasting boxes are available to purchase by anyone. Not just potential wedding cake clients.

I look forward to hearing from you and for you to try some delicious cake flavours.

Love From Luisa x

*Please note that until a security deposit has been paid to block out a date, therefore, a date may become unavailable at any time, due to high demand.

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