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All about Love From Luisa & how we make creative cakes sustainably in Brighton

Introducing Love From Luisa

Luisa Pringle adding final touches to a luxury wedding cake. Sustainable eco-cakes

Meet your baker

Luisa Pringle

My aim is to change the way we think about luxury wedding cakes, birthday cakes and celebration cakes by putting sustainability and modern cake design at the centre of our small independent cake studio. 

What we stand for

Our Core Values

Sustainability is more that just sourcing from local suppliers with high animal welfare standards and using organic produce. Of course it is those things, but it is also so much more.

Our Core values. Sustainable wedding cakes
sustainable practices are key to our cake business

Things to know

How We Work

Sustainable practices are key to creating a brighter and more stable future for our environment, small businesses and our local communities. Here is little bit on how we work and our endeavours to become a fully sustainable cake business. 

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