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Love from Luisa Core business values

Our core values

What we stand for…

What do we mean by luxury cakes, created sustainably?

Sustainability is more than just sourcing from local suppliers with high animal welfare standards and using organic produce. Of course, it is those things but it is also so much more. Here we talk about our core values and how we are doing our best to become a sustainable cake supplier.

Sustainability means reducing waste, including water waste, in our production – reducing carbon emissions and offsetting these emissions where necessary when we deliver. It means supporting the local Brighton community by buying local produce but also supporting other local initiatives that also help to reduce our impact on the planet. It requires not only buying fair trade products but paying our suppliers and ourselves fairly for the work we do.

How does Love From Luisa work towards being a sustainable business?

Embrace the seasons

We have developed thoughtful celebration cake and wedding cake menus that use ingredients seasonal throughout the year. Where this is not possible, due to our climate, we endeavour to source the most ethical and high-quality alternatives from local suppliers we know to share our values.

Source locally

I source my ingredients as local to Brighton and East Sussex as possible and use as many Brighton-based, small-batch suppliers as possible. This reduces food miles and keeps the local supply chain robust. Locally sourced ingredients not only provide us with produce that is better quality but also help to support our local economy. We use suppliers that value our commitment to high-quality products that are organic wherever possible.

Carbon neutral deliveries

We will calculate the carbon from our cake deliveries and offset these at the end of every tax year. We aim to be carbon neutral (or carbon negative) by the end of 2024. You can find out more about how carbon-neutral initiatives work here.

Supporting our local community

Sustainability is more than the impact we have when we use resources but the impact we have within our communities. The ‘Three Pillar’ model of sustainability (social, economic and environmental) encourages us to take more than simple environmental factors into consideration when aiming to create a fully sustainable society. Creating a truly sustainable business therefore means giving back where possible. I donate any food surplus to food banks and zero-waste initiatives such as The Real Junk Food Project in Brighton so that those in need of a free, or cheap, meal have access to a hot lunch.

I have volunteered at Plant Stories Kitchen with Gemma and Aye from Gem’s Wholesome Kitchen and FuFighters helping to create free school meals during school holidays during the coronavirus pandemic. I also work with Bramber Bakehouse who “work alongside victims of domestic abuse, survivors of human trafficking, asylum seekers and refugees to break the cycles of poverty, violence and disadvantage” – Bramber Bakehouse

Sustainable Businesses and Suppliers in Brighton that share our core values:

Knob Butter (grass-fed, small batch butter)

Infinity Foods (Ethically sourced produce)

Zedify (Carbon neutral bike deliveries)

Compost Club (sustainable composting)

Real Junk Food Project (Community Project)

Mac’s Farm (Organic eggs)

our core values on sustainability represented by the kintsugi gold fig and vine in plum purple and gold

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