Customisable Party Cakes

Customisable themed celebration and party cakes

Our Take On Themed Cakes

Our customisable themed party cakes can be adorned with extras and embellishments to make you a fully personalised design.

Dinosaur Park

Dino-themed cake with jungle and gold meteor splashes.

This Cake is a single tier with a minimum of 14 dessert servings From £124

Cake £69

Buttercream palette painting £15

Figures £15

Greenery: £15

Gold paint details: £10

Dinosaur themed party cake for a boy. Jungle celebration cake.
Under the sea themed cake for a little girl

Under The Sea

Our take on the popular mermaid cake theme for a children’s party.

This cake is a single tier with a minimum of 24 servings From £126

Cake: £96

Ombre Buttercream and piping: £15

Figures: £15

Star Man

A special cosmic-themed cake.

This is a ‘double barrel’ extra tall cake with minimum of 35 larger dessert servings From £241

Cake: Double barrel tall cake + stacking fee: £132

Milky way buttercream in 3/4 colours: £30

Silver paint details: £10

Rice paper Milky Way: £30

Topper ‘starman’: £23

Topper ‘moon’: £16

Elegant birthday cakes for him. Stylish cake for a guy.
Artistic birthday cake for men. Cake for art lover. Art theme cake

The Wave – Hokusai

This celebration cake was loosely based on The Great Wave of Kanagawa by the artist Hokusai

This cake is a 2-tier with 45 dessert servings from £253.

Cake + 2-tier stacking fee: £149

Buttercream painting and details: £20

Hand-painted, dehydrated fruit petals in sea green and blue: £60

Gold leaf details: £18

Candles: £6

Pastel Mermaid Dreams

Beautiful pastel mermaid cake with textured buttercream

This cake is a ‘double barrel’ extra tall cake with minimum of 35 larger dessert servings From £249

Cake + tall cake stacking fee: £149

Buttercream painting and details: £70

Gold details: £8

Gold Palm Leaf: £12

Mermaid tail figures: £10

Mermaid themed party cake. Girls birthday. Pastel colour scheme party
Custom cake for a man's 50th Adult's themed party cakes.


Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black; specially designed for a lover of print and design

This cake is a single tier with minimum of 14 larger dessert servings From £125

Cake: £70

Black Buttercream: £10

Rice paper sails in CMY colours: £20

Buttercream painting and details in CMY colours: £15

Candles in CMYK colours: From £10

Princess Cake

Princess-themed cake for a little girl’s birthday

This cake is a two-tier cake with minimum of 28 larger dessert servings From £220

Cake + 2-tier stacking fee: £120

Buttercream painting and details: £45

Florals: £30

Rice paper butterflies: £10

Gold Crown: £15

Princess themed party cakes for a little girls birthday. Kids party planning.

Luisa loves to take on a theme for the cake inspiration however we always stick to our unique style & aesthetic on all orders and this means:

  • We do not write messages on our themed party cake designs. Mottos and messages don’t fit within our particular design aesthetic but we are more than happy to order a recyclable acrylic cake topper from our preferred supplier. Cake toppers start from £18 + delivery for a fully customisable message. Cake toppers can also be kept as a lovely keepsake after the event.

A note on custom cake Pricing

How much does a themed party cake cost?

Use the guide price for these extras so that you can work within your budget but still have a gorgeous themed party cake designed just for you.

Pricing a themed celebration cake is done on a cake-by-cake basis. The final quote will depend on the size of the cake, how many servings you are looking to yield, plus any design extras that add time and materials to the process.

I have provided the price breakdown on the above example orders to give my customers an idea of the price breakdown and budget considerations.

You can see our celebration cake base prices on the celebration cake pricing page. Celebration cakes are worked out using a simple calculation of the cost of materials used plus the time it takes to make your cake.

My celebration cake designs start from £5 per serving for a single-tier cake with a simple design* so the more servings you require and additional extras will affect the final cost. The minimum number of servings, and my smallest cake, is 14 servings from a tall 6-inch cake. This starts at £70.

Below is a guide for additional extras. These extras may be more or less depending on the final design, how many different elements are on the final cake design and the overall cake size/number of tiers. It is best to send an enquiry with any details such as the type of event, number of servings required any images that you may have and if you require delivery and Luisa will get back to you with a quote for you to consider.

Extras & Embellishments

Gold/Silver details (paint/flecks)£5
Gold/silver leaf (average 5-8 large leaves per tier)£5
Chocolate crown/shards/shapes£10
Chocolate drip (white/dark/colour optional)£10
Gold-painted chocolate drip£20
Salted caramel drip£10
Wafer paper sculpting – Price on inquiryFrom £60
Geode crystal design£50
Wafer Paper Flowers (each)£10 – £15
Buttercream palette painting – abstract£30
Buttercream painted flowers£45-55
Watercolour buttercream in ombre£30
Signature-painted fruit petalsfrom £40
Gold candles – extra tall (min order = 6)£6
Fondant Figures from mould£4 – £8

*Prices are listed per cake tier but can vary based on the size of the tier or if multiple design elements are chosen. If you have a particular cake design in mind, please share an image when inquiring about celebration or wedding cakes. I can then provide a quote for a similar design using my own, personal style.

*minimum cake size is a 6-inch single tier with 12 servings and starts from £65

Still, looking for some inspiration for your themed party cake? Check out this Pinterest board for even more beautiful and trendy cake design ideas.

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